Denver Parking Blocks


We install only. In some occasions will sell to the Public.

At Denver Asphalt,

" We do have a Minimum cost for service charge and to purchase of Parking Blocks. "
That doesn't mean we can't help you! It comes down to what can we do for you.

A bunch of concrete poles are stacked together

Protect vehicles buildings and other structures from accidents. With our parking blocks.
Are parking blocks are made from high strength concrete, with internal rebar reinforcement.

When considering adding parking blocks/wheel stops to your lot you also have to think of the pedestrians walking across the lot after exiting there vehicles. Poorly installed parking blocks can create a trip hazard and so every consideration should be given to there location.

With years of parking lot experience we are highly qualified to advice you on the best ways to reduce the risk of an accident. Let us help you create a positive image by keeping your parking lot safe, easy to navigate and inviting.

Parking Block Replacement

We can drill and pin new concrete parking blocks in pavement or re-pin existing blocks.